MAJU PRIMUS creates a global integrated health platform which provides people world’s best health-oriented products and scientific health management based on natural nutrition formula, cutting age (life) technology, strict quality management and professional services.

MAJU PRIMUS builds creative and global business platform to provide people with constant outstanding profit, quality and happy life based on subversive marketing strategies and professional supporting system.

Singapore Global Life Group which co-founded by multi-capital is the parent company of MAJU PRIMUS. This group integrates four major industries of biotechnology, electronic commerce, mobile media and educational training to dedicate itself to create new business structure and change people’s life style.



Cutting age health management system.

Having strong scientific research team, professional global procurement division and high quality leading product application.

A subversive marketing strategy.

Providing a subversive marketing strategy which allows people to achieve constant outstanding income.

Global business development platform.

Providing an unique global developing plan and enjoy the rapid growth of shares of an enormous fortune.